What is the LAW OF ATTRACTION and how does it affect YOU?

The Law of Attraction means "LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE" and is based on the premise that everything is energy.  If your energy is low (as in frustration, anger, or worry), you will attract bad-feeling thoughts, relationships and experiences into your life.  

Often we then demand that the conditions around us change in order so that we can feel better.  When things don't change, we feel powerless and can fall into depression or despair. Or we act out in anger and do something we later regret.

That is why it is IMPORTANT to UNDERSTAND the LAW OF ATTRACTION, and to know that it is more powerful to find a way to FEEL BETTER BEFORE TAKING ACTION. 

When you feel better first, you open yourself up to solutions of a higher vibration - ideas that can only reach you when you are feeling good. When your energy is higher (joyful, hopeful, grateful, content), you attract more assistance, love and abundance. The path to your goals becomes clear, and you have the energy and enthusiasm to take each step.

So the real goal is not figuring out what action to take until you get what you want; your real goal is simply to notice when your energy vibration is low and refrain from acting until you have been able to raise your vibration (aka feel better). Even a little bit goes a long way!

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